The Artist


“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality”… The Cheshire Cat

Having always wanted to be a fairy herself, Stacy is influenced by the beautiful sights she’s experienced during her travels.

As a young child, she started out on her journey in the deep woods of Wisconsin. Daydreaming her way thru forests where she thought she found doors in trees and mice who wore full tweed suits. This of course alarmed her parents, as they didn’t seem to have any imagination whatsoever! Her father blamed it on those books, she read while hiding among the trees.

Then quick as a flash, she was whisked away to the astounding Rocky Mountains of Colorado and later into the high desert mountains of New Mexico. This, is where she found a dear friend and exploring partner, in her horse whose name was Missy, who her parents had purchased in hopes of stopping the romantic notions she seemed to be displaying at the time. Sadly for Stacys parents, this only encouraged the fantasy world their daughter so loved to live in. Stacy and Missy explored the mountains, sketching the beautiful animals, amazing trees, brooks and plants along the way.

After many years of this happiness, she found herself whisked away once more, this time to a very interesting place called Key West. This is where she discovered the ocean! Her parents continued to shake their heads in concern, as now their daughter seemed to be seeing mermaids everywhere!

Then, something new caught her eye! A wonderful man, who has put up with her odd sense of humor, her need to adopt anything that had sad eyes, renaissance fairs, and trees with doors in them, not to mention all that paint! They have traveled together to exotic places for 29 years now. They’ve lived in wild South Florida, the exotic country of Guatemala, the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia, the Semi Arid Desert of New Mexico and for a wonderful little while settled in you guessed it! A tree house in South Carolina! They have an adored son who, has inherited his mothers ability to see doors in trees! They’re a little wandering family, who for a time lived in a camper they lovingly called the TARDIS near the most fascinating city of Savannah, Georgia.

Then, they wandered their way back to the west, into the high desert of New Mexico to find clean air for their beloved son to breathe.  Once there, they found that their beloved son could breathe again, though he continued to face many new health problems as a result of being a super hero who lived thru leukemia.  Being a Superhero can take a toll on ones health after all. They decided to find a place for their super hero son to live and began changing a home into a multi family living castle, for this reason the artist has slowed down a bit with creating new pieces, while she’s in construction mode. For as we all know castles take time to create! All of this traveling inspires Stacy, to paint onto canvas what she see’s in her own fairy tale way. Her parents still wonder at why she is the way she is, but she is happy this way! It’s been a good life for her. Stacy believes in imagination, romantic notions, love and laughter. Now she hopes to share that lovely whimsical world she lives in with you.

Stacys’ paintings can be found all thru the U.S. also in Canada, Sweden, France, Britain, Ireland, Australia, Spain, Italy and Portugal.