Our Desert Boho, Entryway Project

Another corner in my home is finally finished!  Also, I’ve adjusted  the Desert Decor Project arrangement. (I posted about that project a little while ago)  But first! The entryway. When we moved in, the interior side of the door in our entry way was, a pale peach color. While pale peach is a lovely color, it’s not my color.  At first I painted the door grey.  After some time, I realized I didn’t care for the grey, so I painted it white. Then, we added the unique sliding barn door( I posted how to do this a little while ago)  to the access hallway, that leads to the kiddos side of the house and to our shared laundry space. This is also where I added the desert decor arrangement. Here’s a picture of how it looked the last time you saw it.



Then, I began adding a few other things to round it out.


A cool key hanger, and a great gypsy/hippie mirror (this took a long time for me to find, I hunted sales for weeks). I found both of these items at Hobby Lobby.

I love the detail on the mirror, contrasted by the rustic key hanger.


I wish I had made this macrame, (I used to macrame, but I don’t anymore) instead, I found the macrame and the cute little cowbells at Hobby Lobby. I should also note that all of the pieces here I found at 50% off or more.


Then, I filled out the desert decor piece. After living with it for awhile, it felt like it needed just a little more on the bottom so, I added some eucalyptus, a few pussy willows and a couple more pieces of birch wood.




I found the rug at Home Goods and my sweet hubby hung the light for me, that I had I picked up at Home Depot. This was like the cherry on top, it polished off the whole look!










Now, whenever I come and go, this little area makes me smile. I hope you like it too! That’s the fun thing about decor, it’s very personal. I think it’s wonderful, that everyone has their own style. Wouldn’t it be boring if we all just had one arrangement, one style?  I love the way things are coming together in my home, because it’s specific to what we like. I think that everyone should do what makes them happy, because they’re the ones who are living in their home! Have a happy day out there!

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