Desert Decor Project

nosey molly

When we put up our crazy barn door system, I felt that the wall space was too bare. Since the door moves across the wall you can’t put anything on the wall itself, so I thought I’d like  something simple in front of the wall. It needed to be simple because this is also part of our front entrance.

I haven’t shown a complete picture of the entryway as of yet, because I’m still slowly decorating that area, but I’m happy to share this project, that I would call desert decor/ shabby chic/ boho style! Is that an actual style? Probably not, but it works for me! This project was a lot of fun, because I really didn’t know what I was going to do. All I knew was that I had this pot…


I liked this pot (it had a sad little dying plant that needed to be moved outside) but I wanted something tall and structural, so I decided to go to Hobby Lobby, to wander among their aisles of sticks, to see if I could get an inspiration of what to do, and I did!

I saw these…


I love birch trees, and grass and moss. I thought it was fitting too, since the birch represents my northern Wisconsin beginnings, the moss reminds me of my beloved high mountains of Colorado and the grass reminds me of the coasts of South Carolina that I so adore. An idea began to form. I thought if I opened the grass up and then wrapped it around the birch wood, tying twine around it, I could make a sculptural piece.

I started with dry sand,


I know that most arrangements are made with a styrofoam base, but I really don’t like using the stuff, so instead  I took some very dry sand out of our sandy backyard to fill the pot. Then I had to scoop it back out to place the arrangement later.  Here you can see that I was able to wrap the grass around the birch. It’s partially wrapped with the twine to place it in the pot.


Next I set it in place in the pot, then poured the sand (that I had to scoop out earlier) all around the piece. You really have to pack it in and press it down, but it’s really sturdy once you do.


Then I wrapped more twine around the base so that the grass really stays in place.


Lastly, I laid the moss over all of the sand and added a few rocks from New Mexico that the kiddo and his grandparents and I had hunted together.


It’s turned into one of my favorite pieces, it’s sculptural, natural and has sentimental meaning, birch wood for my Wisconsin roots, grass for my love of the coast, moss for my beloved mountains, sand and rocks from New Mexico. But most especially, the happy memories that come flooding back to me every time I pass these special rocks.

Here the piece is all finished.



Also from the angle of the coffee/tea bar it looks really good.


I hope you enjoyed my desert decor, shabby chic, boho project!  I just have two more things I’d like to do to the front entrance, when those are finished, I’ll share pics! Molly and I wish you a beautiful day out there lovelies!





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