Georgia O’Keefe Country


Lake Abiquiu

Recently, I was able to take a really quick trip, up to what we call Georgia O’Keefe country, in order to attend a lovely, lavender festival at The Purple Adobe Lavender Farm in Abiquiu, NM.

Here’s a link to their facebook page

The lavender festival was so wonderful. Walking in the fields of lavender and breathing in the amazing scent was quite a fantastic experience. I posted some pictures of the lavender over on my facebook, google+ and instagram pages so if you’d like to check it out, head on over to one of those pages.    It’s such beautiful country there. It amazes me how the color on the surrounding mountains are in a constant state of change, as the sun hits the ridges at different angles. Then later in the deep, dark of the night we were covered in millions of stars and were treated to an amazing meteor shower! ( I wish I had a camera that could capture that but sadly I don’t:) oh well)

Lake Abiquiu NM

From moment to moment there’s a new view in the same place!


Lake Abiquiu NM

Sometimes we tend to look at changes in our life as a thing to avoid, something difficult and many wish things could just remain the same. I too, have felt this way at times. In fact, at one time I believed that I didn’t ever want change in my life. However, lately I’ve had some time to reflect on changes and came to the conclusion, that it’s not change that I don’t like. Really, I love change, I love the change of scenery, I love trying different foods, I love to experience different things and when you do that, you change in many good ways. I highly value how changes in my life have made me who I am today.

What I really I feared was this…loss. Loss is what I fear. Not loss of material things, but it’s the loss of what is really valuable to all of us. Our loved ones or, their loss of something that causes them pain such as when I watch my son have to struggle with things, I never thought he would have to deal with. No parent envisions a lifetime of pain for their child, so when they have to deal with things like that, you feel the loss of what was wished for or what could have been.  Of course, it isn’t wise to remain in this state. You must find the positive in order to move on. My positive is in watching how well my son endures his pain and focuses on his life with a good attitude, an attitude of never giving up. I am always so proud of him and how he manages his life.  We truly love our life.

Lake Abiquiu

Now  that I’ve learned to separate change from loss, I’m learning to embrace change. I’m very grateful for the changes in our lives, for without them we wouldn’t have experienced many amazing things. They have affected us in wonderful ways. It’s how we grow and improve.  On that note, I’m trying to transition into adding shows to how I sell my art and providing more prints. I’m looking forward to having some prints on canvas available in the etsy shop, hopefully in the next few months. My original paintings will be available here or in etsy. You can always contact me thru my email at

I look forward to many more paintings that I will continue to share with you and I hope they will bring a bit of whimsy or a smile to you! Have a really happy day out there!

“Ski bunny” 11×14 (sold)



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