What’s New

I’m working on this painting this week. I struggled with it at first because I didn’t like how my colors were blending so I decided to just rework it and I’m very happy with the result. The trees are coming along well. I changed how I normally shape my trees that are holding onto each other. Why? Mainly because I was just bored with doing the same shape!

I’m working on this piece specifically for my kiddos massage therapist. The kiddo deals with a great deal of neuropathy pain that cannot be treated medically. His massage therapist reduces his pain so that he can deal with it and we are very grateful. Last year when I did a painting for the fundraiser for the kids that the kiddos massage therapist works with, I noticed that he really loved it so I thought I would do one specially for him!

I hope to finish it i the next couple of weeks. I hope he likes it!  Have a great day out there!


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